Discover how you can take cash out of your business while maintaining majority ownership and operational control which allows you to diversify your assets and protect your personal wealth. In the future, as the majority owner, you will receive the majority of the financial benefits as your company continues to grow and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Often times, small business owners want to sell their company to a family member, partners, or loyal employees. This may make it difficult to secure financing in order to avoid the business owner taking on personal risk, which could jeopardize their retirement.  The SBA loan program can provide business owners with the solutions needed to exit their company successfully. Discover the myths and misconceptions about the SBA loan process and learn how it may help business owners today!


Let’s Eat Cake: How to Recapitalize Your Business AND Retain Control

How do you take cash out of your business without losing a majority of your equity or losing operational control? Or worse, signing all types of personal guarantees? If you were able to take significant cash out of your business while retaining a majority ownership position and operational control, what [...]

Will you get the best price for your business?

9 times out of 10 leverage will beat fair and reasonable. Don’t leave it to chance – choose to sell your business the right way. At some point, all privately held businesses are passed on through inheritance, sold or cease to exist. So the fact is, as a [...]

Selling My Business, My Way

Not All Buyers are Created Equal Before considering the sale of their business every business owner should answer the WIIFM question: What’s In It for Me? You have heard the old saying, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. For a business owner [...]

Hope is Not an Exit Strategy

How to Exit Your Business on Your Terms and Your Timing Most successful businesses have a Strategic Business Plan which focuses on making the business successful and ensuring its growth and continuity. However, many business owners have rarely thought about or put into action a plan to help them decide [...]

EBITDA vs. Cash Flow

EBITDA is Good, But Cash Flow is King At a recent M&A Source Conference, this was a recurring comment from Private Equity participants:  “EBITDA is good BUT we need to understand the Cash Flow of any business we look at buying." Many business owners, their advisors, and even intermediaries, often [...]